Top 10 Hollywood Romantic Movies

10) Longest Ride (2015)

It is one of those sweet and beautiful love stories depicting emotional love life of two young people who love each other unconditionally. A movie which has managed to emphasize on what is pure and eternal love.

9) Titanic (1997)

Do you love your loved one like no one else? Till what extent can you go, to remain his or her forever? The movie Titanic, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet will portray the endless love of two lovers who, not only can go against their parents but even die for each other.

It is a romantic tale of a rich girl and a poor guy and their continuous struggle to be with each other forever. A perfect movie which has a touch of romance, thriller, and drama.

8) If Only (2004)

What if you lose someone whom you love deeply? I know just the thought of it, makes you afraid.

If Only is based on this concept only. It is a story of businessman, Ian and her girlfriend, Samantha. One day Ian dreams of that his girlfriend meets with an accident and dies. But the main point is that all the events that occurred in his dream start happening in reality. To know what happens next, you need to watch this beautiful and touching love story.

It tells you the importance of love and to love your loved ones as if there is no tomorrow.

7) Love Actually (2003)

Get ready to watch a movie that talks about the love story of not just one couple but eight couples. And now after knowing this, I guess you will be able to relate this movie to the Bollywood movie – “Salaam-e-Ishq.” Although the Bollywood version of this film was not able to grab many awards but same was not the case with “Love Actually.”

With eight couples all with some different crispy love stories, you will enjoy this movie till the end. A movie that is full of drama, emotions, romance, and comedy.

6) A Walk to Remember (2002)

Ask me my favorite romantic Hollywood movie, and my answer would be “A Walk To Remember.”

A movie that will teach you not to fall in love but to rise in love. Talking about romantic english movies and if we dont include this then i am sure i will get hate emails from all of you. This film has an aura of romance.

5) The Notebook (2004)

No matter what happens, one cannot forget his/her first love, and I am sure same is the case with you. One of the most popular romcom, Notebook is a must watch.​

This movie revolves around the same idea, first love, how true lovers could go beyond limits to be each other forever and how they find out ways to see each other even when they are surrounded by other people.

4) One Day (2011)

A good storyline is of no good if it is not supported by good acting and in this movie, Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway have done justice to the role they play and to the storyline as well.

It shows 20 years of togetherness of two persons through one day – 15 July. The movie is full of mixed emotions.

3) PS I Love You (2007)

When talking about the list of romantic movies, how can we forget to include PS I Love You. A film that will touch everyone’s heart and even if you are not so romantic, then also I bet you will love it the moon and back.

The way Gerard Butler and Hillary Swank portrays love on the screen will make you fall in love with them as well as the movie.

2) Me Before You (2016)

It is a latest romantic Hollywood movie, which will make you laugh and cry at same times. I have read the book, so I could not miss the film at any chance. It is a story of a girl who forms an unlikely bond with a paralyzed man. A growing love and friendship bond develops between them.

You can call it a cute, adorable and sweet movie and is especially for those who want to get lost in the moment. The chemistry between Claflin and Clarke is also quite appreciable, and you will love the performance of Clarke who I suppose was perfect for the role.

1) Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind (2004)

My favorite movie of all time and trust me it will become yours too. Without even knowing what type of interest you keep, I would suggest you to watch this movie.

It is very popular among people who love romantic hollywood movies. Also, this one just like Titanic is one of the absolute best hollywood romantic movies​.

It’s a serious and good science fiction film. The role played by the leading actors, Jim Carrey (Joel) and Kate Winslet (Clementine) is exceptionally fantastic.